A Luxury Prewedding Session on Lake Como

Raquel and Ping traveled from Singapore to celebrate their engagement with an epic adventure throughout Europe, and a two day prewedding session on Lake Como. 

Our fashionable couple indulged in utter luxury at Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como. Before boarding a classic boat on the lake, they meandered the gardens of the hotel and then made their way to Villa del Balbianello. The iconic villa offered exquisite views against an even more breathtaking backdrop. On the second day, the couple explored Villa Melzi and it's expansive gardens before sipping champagne on a private boat tour at sunset. 


Villa del Balbianello provides additional options for photoshoots in the stunning backdrop of the villa. If you wish to have your photoshoot during opening hours, this service is available every day from 10am until 6pm, excluding Monday and Wednesday. The cost for this is  350.00 EUR, and it's important to note that there may be tourists around during this time. The couple can wear wedding attire for this rental rate.

For those desiring a more private experience, photoshoots can be arranged during closing hours, which is after 6pm or on Monday and Wednesday. The cost for this exclusive experience is 1,000 EUR. The couple can choose to be in their wedding attire or their normal dress for these sessions. This allows for a more serene atmosphere, free from tourists and other distractions, providing the perfect opportunity to capture the breathtaking views of Lake Como and the enchanting gardens of Villa del Balbianello.

Can you have a photoshoot at Villa del Balbianello?

Absolutely! Villa del Balbianello, a jewel nestled in the heart of Lake Como, welcomes couples seeking an extraordinary wedding experience. With its enchanting gardens, panoramic terraces, and breathtaking views of the lake, this villa provides a setting of unparalleled beauty for your nuptials. Its grand Loggia, often used for ceremonies, offers an intimate yet majestic ambiance. It's not just a wedding venue; it's a ticket to a timeless fairytale, where every detail blends seamlessly to create your perfect day. Please note, the villa's exclusivity requires advanced booking.


A Lake Como wedding, synonymous with luxury and elegance, typically ranges from 70k EUR to 450k EUR. This picturesque Italian destination offers an array of options for discerning couples, with costs varying based on guest count and desired extravagance. Smaller gatherings of 50 guests can cost around 70k EUR at the minimum end or soar to 300k EUR for a more lavish celebration. Larger weddings with 150 guests start at approximately 120k EUR and can reach up to 450k EUR for a high-end experience. These estimates encompass key elements like venue, catering, photography, and more, each contributing to the unforgettable charm of a Lake Como wedding.

How much is a lake como wedding?

An elopement at the renowned Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como truly encapsulates the essence of romance. This intimate celebration, enveloped by the villa's stunning views and rich history, range from 3k EUR to 10k EUR or more for exclusive use of the venue. Keep in mind, if you opt for a legally binding ceremony, an additional fee will be incurred. As the villa is primarily a museum and only accessible by boat, a wedding coordinator is advised to manage the unique logistics. When you factor in top-of-the-line decor and vendors, you can anticipate an estimated per guest expenditure ranging from 1k to 2k EUR. Given these rough estimates, a Villa del Balbianello elopement might cost anywhere from 10k EUR to 25k EUR or more, depending on the level of luxury and exclusivity you desire. Your Villa del Balbianello elopement will be a luxurious, unforgettable experience, blending the villa's enchanting charm with the intimate allure of an elopement.



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