After a decade in the wedding industry, Janna's work has graced the pages of VOGUE magazine, BRIDES, The Lane, Martha Stewart Weddings, and countless platforms in more than ten countries.

"Our team speaks both English and French, and while we serve destinations worldwide, we spend our days in Paris."

“We have found ourselves dotting the map, designing and photographing events alongside elephants in the open bush of SOUTH AFRICA, beneath the Eiffel Tower, atop the iconic whitewashed roofs of Greece, on the enchanting streets of FLORENCE & wandering into the sunrise in the deserts of MOROCCO.”

Originally from the states, Janna now resides in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, often wandering the city with her petit chien,  camera in hand.

With an editorial approach, Janna is a seeker of beauty, capturing intimate events through timeless, exquisite film imagery. She specializes in luxurious, fine art events in Paris, Lake Como, Tuscany and destinations worldwide. 

Janna's passion for film photography and editorial approach lead to intoxicating imagery that evokes emotion. Her rich tones, delicate focus and attention to detail produce images that romanticize even the smallest of details. Janna has the ability to capture raw emotion and translate it into painterly imagery for photographs that will last a lifetime.

“Janna Brown is a master of photographic storytelling in the wedding industry. Her work transcends the traditional boundaries of photography, emerging as an exquisite form of art, deeply intertwined with her expertise in floral art and design. Each photograph she captures is a symphony of emotions, a narrative that weaves intimacy with grandeur.

Janna’s approach to photography is akin to a poetic ode to luxury destination weddings, infused with a touch of editorial sophistication. Her images are more than mere visual representations; they are emotional journeys. The rich, vivid tones, the soft, deliberate focus, and the meticulous attention to every minute detail - all come together to create a visual narrative that’s nothing short of intoxicating. And let’s not forget her ability to capture those raw, unguarded moments, transforming them into painterly masterpieces. It’s like she’s not just photographing a wedding, but romancing every little detail.”



From safaris in South Africa to the souks of Marrakech, we are avid travellers who love to indulge in places rich in culture. Our favorite wedding destination? Italy of course! Lake Como, Tuscany, Venice and the Amalfi Coast rank high on our list  of the best locations to tie the knot. From culinary indulgences to exceptional wine, architecture and history, marrying in Italy will surely give you and your guests the experience of a lifetime.