A Sun-Drenched Wedding at Lake Como's 
Villa Cipressi

This destination wedding on Lake Como welcomed guests to exquisite scenery, flowing champagne and a beautiful celebration in the gardens of Villa Cipressi. 

Perched high on the western shore of Lake Como, Villa Cipressi boasts some of the most beautiful views of Lake Como. With its award winning botanical gardens, tiered terraces, and winding pebbled pathways along the water, it ranks high on our list of most exquisite wedding venues on Lake Como.

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Choose Villa Cipressi for your wedding and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing experience for you and your guests on Lake Como. This picturesque Lake Como wedding venue, nested in the heart of the charming town of Varenna, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historic allure, and quintessential Italian sophistication. A Villa Cipressi wedding is a tribute to Italian culture and heritage, providing an experience that is as vibrant and rich as the Italian lifestyle itself.

The property's gardens serves as a backdrop to the exquisite Italian cuisine, enhancing your celebration with a unique flavor of Italy. Beyond just being a venue, Villa Cipressi offers a distinctive experience; with world famous gardens and sweeping views of the lake. 
Whether you choose to tie the knot in the villa's historic chapel, dance beneath the gleaming chandeliers of the grand ballroom, or toast to your love on the terrace with panoramic lake views, a Villa Cipressi wedding promises an unforgettable Italian experience.

The tranquil beauty of Lake Como, combined with the rustic charm of Varenna's cobblestone streets and pastel houses, adds unparalleled charm to your wedding. The Villa's exemplary service, delivered by a dedicated team of professionals, ensures a seamless, stress-free event. Let your Lake Como wedding photographer capture your special moments amidst this remarkable setting, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Why Choose Villa Cipressi for Your Wedding?

Having photographed countless events on Lake Como, we use our experience to provide you with a premium wedding experience.  As your Lake Como wedding photographer, we can offer insight into the  timing of your events,  the venue's most scenic locations for photos, and how to navigate those iconic Lake Como boat portraits. 

We are intimately familiar with every hidden gem of Villa Cipressi, optimizing our time together, allowing us to focus on documenting your story in the most extraordinary setting. From the smallest moments to the first kiss, and the celebrated getaway, we use our experience photographing events on Lake Como to provide you with seamless service and exquisite wedding imagery. 

The Role of a Lake Como Wedding Photographer at Villa Cipressi

Lake Como, with its idyllic landscapes and tranquil charm, has become synonymous with elegance and romance, making it an unparalleled choice for your elopement. The allure of a Lake Como wedding lies in its fusion of luxury, history, and natural beauty, offering a magical setting to exchange vows. Dotted with historic villas and grand hotels, Lake Como provides an ambiance of timeless sophistication, perfect for high-end couples desiring a wedding experience steeped in opulence and exclusivity. 

Imagine saying "I do" surrounded by breathtaking panoramas of the lake, under a sky painted with hues of a setting sun, encapsulating a moment in time that is truly yours. It's more than a wedding; it's the ultimate Italian destination experience. Choose a Lake Como wedding and treat yourself and your guests to an absolutely indulgent wedding celebration, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

How Much Does a Destination Wedding at Villa CIPRESSI Cost?


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