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Ritz Paris Elopement

Eliotte and Oliver eloped in Paris on the last day of summer, celebrating at the Ritz Paris while the afternoon sun poured in.

Eliotte was resplendent in the golden light in her etheral gown with endless sheer layers and floral appliqué. The handsome couple turned heads as they galavanted throughout Paris with infectious joy, from the bustling streets of the 1st arrondissement and the Louvre, then on to Pont Alexandre III for a dazzling sunset over the Seine. 


The Ritz Paris is the epitome of the Parisian wedding dream, offering an unparalleled romantic experience for couples seeking a lavish celebration. The Ritz Paris, famed for its grandeur and unique blend of neoclassical and Grand Siècle aesthetics, offers a variety of exclusive reception rooms. Notable among these are the Salon d'Été, Salon Psyché, and Salon Louis XV, each offering a distinct ambiance, perfect for intimate gatherings or grand soirées. The hotel's Grand Jardin, a private oasis within the bustling city, serves as an enchanting backdrop for your vows, creating unforgettable memories. Culinary delights, crafted by the Ritz's new Chef, add to the allure, transforming your wedding feast into a gastronomic journey . From the surprise dinner at Bar Vendôme to unique souvenirs for your guests, every aspect of your event is meticulously planned, ensuring a seamless and memorable celebration.

RItz Paris: the ultimate parisian wedding venue

Immersing yourself in the enchanting allure of the Ritz Paris elopement is an experience of unparalleled exclusivity. The starting rental price for lounges is approximately 6,000 EUR, providing a luxurious backdrop for your nuptials. Should you wish to privatize the ethereal garden, it will cost around 20,000 EUR per half-day. Please note that these prices exclude catering and beverages. Additionally, to experience the lavish overnight accommodations, suites begin at 3,000 EUR per night. Consequently, the overall cost will depend on your specific requirements, but rest assured, a Ritz Paris Elopement offers an unmatched, opulent experience.

Ritz paris elopement cost

For Eliotte and Oliver, we meticulously selected the prime Paris elopement locations in the Louvre's courtyards and the Pont Alexandre III, each capturing the unique essence of Paris. The Louvre, previously a regal palace showcasing a range of architectural marvels, provides an ideal backdrop for your elopement in Paris or portrait session. Its extensive courtyards, adorned pillars, vintage lamps, and grand archways create an iconic backdrop for your photographs.
The Pont Alexandre III, celebrated as the most decorative bridge in Paris, ranks among the top Paris elopement locations for sunset viewing. With a view of the serene Seine River, it presents an array of picturesque landscapes, which includes the iconic Eiffel Tower. The bridge’s intricate designs and breathtaking views make it a preferred choice for couples seeking that quintessential Parisian snapshot.

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