A Floral Filled Wedding at the Ritz Paris

Indulge in this garden-inspired destination wedding at the Ritz Paris, complete with gilded furnishings, exquisite reception details and hundreds of wild garden roses.

In the last days of summer, Noemi and Antoine indulged in a floral filled wedding at the Ritz Paris. Warm afternoon light filled their blush-hued suite, setting aglow the exquisite furnishings, luxe drapery and gilded details.  From the grandeur of The Ritz dressed in lush blooms, to the bride's classic gown - every detail of this day is nothing short of a dream. 

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For a dreamy Ritz Paris Wedding, the hotel offers a variety of unique venues, each embodying its own distinct charm and essence. The Grand Ballroom, with its magnificent chandeliers and towering ceilings, sets the stage for a fairytale wedding. For more intimate gatherings, the elegantly decorated Salon Vendôme and Salon d’Eté provide the perfect setting. The Terrace Vendôme, enveloped by manicured gardens and Paris's iconic skyline, is an idyllic choice for a summer wedding. For a winter wedding, the Salon Proust, featuring rich wood panelings and a cozy fireplace, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Each venue at the Ritz Paris can be customized to bring any wedding vision to life, be it classic opulence or modern minimalism.

The Unique WEDDING Venues at the Ritz Paris 

A Ritz Paris wedding offers a variety of venues, with costs varying based on the chosen salon and event scale. The estimated cost per guest, considering premium decorations and vendors, ranges between 1,500 to 2,000 EUR. Smaller weddings of 40-60 guests would require a budget starting from 75,000 EUR. For a grand wedding of 100-120 guests, expect to spend around 200,000 EUR at minimum. Therefore, a wedding at the Ritz Paris embodies luxury and grandeur, reflected in its pricing.


Paris, with its historical charm and enchanting culture, is known as the most romantic city it the world.  Marrying in Paris will not only allow you to say your vows in a most extraordinary city, but will offer you and your guests the opportunity to indulge in exquisite cuisine, history, art and famous monuments.

A Parisian wedding offers endless options for a one of a kind experience. The city is home to numerous iconic locations that serve as the perfect backdrop for wedding photos, and the Ritz Paris adds a layer of Parisian opulence to your wedding.

In choosing Paris, you are gifting your guests the chance to share in your special event in one of the world's most coveted locations. The Ritz Paris enhances your Parisian experience with its renowned gastronomic restaurant Espadon, which overlooks the Ritz Paris Grand Jardin, and the chance to engage in gourmet cooking lessons at the Ecole Ritz Escoffier. Your wedding at the Ritz Paris is bound to be an unforgettable affair in arguably the most beautiful city in the world. 

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