An Amankila Wedding on the Shores of Bali

When we think of "paradise," Amankila comes to mind. This Balinese property is the epitome of luxury and an impeccable choice for an intimate wedding.

Maria and Brian indulged in the serenity of Aman's exquisite property in East Bali, on the shores of the Lombok Strait. With it's black sand beaches, iconic tiered pools and breathtaking views, Amankila served as an unparalleled backdrop to our couple's intimate nuptials in paradise.

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Selecting an Aman property for your wedding guarantees an experience steeped in exclusivity and luxury, ideal for discerning couples or brides aiming for an unforgettable celebration. An Aman wedding epitomizes elegance and personalized service, set against the backdrop of some of the world's most stunning locations. These venues are renowned for their breathtaking beauty, unparalleled privacy, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every moment of your special day is a once in a lifetime experience.
Choosing Amankila in Bali elevates this experience further, offering a unique blend of Balinese culture and natural beauty. Nestled on a serene hillside overlooking the Lombok Strait, Amankila provides an idyllic setting for your wedding with its iconic three-tiered pool and beach club set against the backdrop of the sea. The resort's commitment to privacy and tranquility, combined with Balinese hospitality, ensures your wedding at Amankila is the epitome of luxury. An Amankila wedding offers a distinctive blend of cultural richness and natural elegance.


An Aman wedding, particularly at a location like Amankila, is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, perfect for those who dream of a lavish and memorable celebration. Costs for tying the knot at an Aman venue, including the exquisite Amankila in Bali, typically range between 1,500 to 2,000 EUR per guest. Starting at around 50,000 EUR for smaller weddings, expenses can exceed 100,000 EUR, encompassing venue charges, gourmet catering, elegant decor, and other crucial elements that define an Aman wedding. The final cost is determined by the choice of Aman resort, such as the stunning Amankila, guest count, degree of personalization, and event length. Renowned for outstanding service and magnificent settings, an Aman wedding, especially at Amankila, ensures a unique and unforgettable experience, solidifying its status as a top selection for sophisticated couples.

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For those aiming to make their wedding truly memorable, Aman properties are synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Amankila in Bali offers a serene, hilltop ambiance with stunning views, ideal for intimate ceremonies. Amanjena in Marrakech captivates with its tranquil gardens and distinctive Moorish architecture, providing a romantic and enchanting setting. In Venice, Aman's property set within a grand 16th-century palazzo marries historic Venetian elegance with modern sophistication, offering a unique venue in the city's heart. Meanwhile, Amanpuri in Phuket presents a tropical oasis with its pristine beach and traditional architecture, perfect for those desiring a picturesque beachfront event. Each Aman property is renowned for its exceptional service and sublime locations, ensuring a bespoke Aman Wedding experience where every detail is carefully curated to create a celebration that's not just an event but a cherished memory of refined luxury and uniqueness.

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