Ultra-Chic Wedding at
Villa Balbiano
on Lake Como

Prepare to be enchanted as we take you on a journey through Lorena and Benjamin's extraordinary wedding at the mesmerizing Villa Balbiano on the shores of Lake Como.

As the couple dined with their loved ones against the backdrop of the iconic Villa Balbiano, the tablescape of dripping candles and a sea of garden roses added to the utter romance of the evening. As the night drew to a close, the newlyweds made a stylish exit in a vintage Porsche, leaving their guests in awe of this fashion-forward affair on Lake Como.

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Opting for a Villa Balbiano Wedding is all about immersing yourselves in the quintessence of Italian sophistication and allure. This palatial estate, dating back to the 16th century and nestled along the serene western coast of Lake Como, marries age-old grandeur with modern opulence. Villa Balbiano, an architectural masterpiece, showcases lush gardens, offers panoramic lake vistas, and features luxurious interiors.

The fusion of magnificence and the bewitching charm of Lake Como morphs this property into the dream wedding venue. A Villa Balbiano Wedding is an unparalleled journey steeped in luxury, infused with historical richness, and swathed in romance.
Situated on the scenic shores of Lake Como, Villa Balbiano sets the perfect backdrop for your monumental nuptials. Every corner of the villa echoes with lavishness, from the green expanses of the gardens to the meticulously adorned interiors, creating an ideal setting for capturing remarkable wedding memories.

Choosing Villa Balbiano for your wedding guarantees indulgent luxury and an unrivalled experience. With each event we capture at Villa Balbiano, we fall more in love with for this exquisite property. Our team works closely with the staff of Villa Balbiano throughout your event to provide you a premium and seamless experience. 

Why choose Villa Balbiano for your Luxury destination wedding?

A seasoned Lake Como Wedding Photographer, with an in-depth understanding of the locale is crucial for a premium experience on the lake. We treat our clients to a premium experience, mastering the best locations on the property and carefully timing your ceremony and portraits for to take advantage of the most beautiful light. We guarantee a unparalleled Villa Balbiano wedding experience.

Our extensive experience in documenting opulent Villa Balbiano Weddings equips us to photograph your event seamlessly. We are well versed in the regulations and locations of the venue, and indulge in capturing the magazine-worthy backdrop of Villa Balbiano.

A Villa Balbiano Wedding is more than an event, it is the ultimate Lake Como experience. The villa offers a spectrum of customizable services and amenities to elevate your wedding experience. Whether it's an exclusive boat ride on the glistening waters of Lake Como, a lavish spread of gourmet Italian cuisine, or a mesmerizing fireworks display over the peaceful waters, each aspect contributes to the magic of your special day.

Villa Balbiano is one of Lake Como's most picturesque properties. The villa's lakeside garden serves as one of the most recognizable locations, and one of the most coveted locations for wedding photos. The magnificence of the villa's interiors and lavish salons, embellished with vintage furniture, tapestries, and chandeliers, provide an ideal setting for indoor photography. Moreover, the villa's private dock over Lake Como is the perfect location for painterly sunset portraits.


Villa Balbiano wedding cost depends on the intricacies of your event. For a brief elopement or portrait session, the venue can be rented for a few hours at a starting rate of EUR 5,000, or for an entire day at EUR 10,000. For weddings, a minimum 3-day booking is typically required, costing around EUR 60,000. The villa can comfortably host a seated dinner for up to 50 guests indoors. If you desire an open-air event, our lush gardens can accommodate a grand gathering of up to 550 guests. 



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