Paradise Found | Journey through South Africa

July 8, 2015

Embark on a photographic journey, following our adventures throughout South Africa! As we “set sail” on this life-changing journey, we had no idea how much our hearts would be changed, and how much of this country we would soak up into our souls.
Our itinerary sent us from Atlanta to Amsterdam, to London, to Johannesburg, then to Cape Town, where we finally met up with our dear friend Marie of Sarah Marie Photos. Marie captured all of these beautiful images through her lens.
2015-07-09_0002 2015-07-09_0003 2015-07-09_0004 2015-07-09_0005 2015-07-09_0006 2015-07-09_0007 2015-07-09_0008 2015-07-09_0009 2015-07-09_0010 2015-07-09_0011
Saturating ourselves in the culture, and soaking up each sight in a desperate attempt to remember each and every detail, we floated through South Africa, falling in love each step of the way. Over two weeks we were fortunate enough to explore the city of Cape Town, Camp Jabulani – the elephant camp where we wed, Richard Branson’s ultra luxurious private game reserve,  Johannesburg and thousands of miles open road in between.
The hungry children of Akani melted my heart, the chants of local tribes singing around the fire are still ringing in my head, the rush of racing on horseback through the wild bush and being stalked by leopards cannot be put into words, and the experience of marrying in a land that seems a little closer to heaven is a blessing from God. Africa? A distant friend that I ache to see again.
2015-07-09_0012 2015-07-09_0013 2015-07-09_0014 2015-07-09_0015 2015-07-09_0016 2015-07-09_0017 2015-07-09_0018 2015-07-09_0019 2015-07-09_0020 2015-07-09_0021 2015-07-09_0022 2015-07-09_0023 2015-07-09_0024 2015-07-09_0025 2015-07-09_0026 2015-07-09_0027 2015-07-09_0028 2015-07-09_0029 2015-07-09_0030 2015-07-09_0031
Photography by Sarah Marie Photos